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Enjoy the best and most entertaining content on the web with Alien Blue, the official reddit client!

? Browse all of reddit, including funny pictures, original stories, and news
? View images and video seamlessly with touch-to-preview
? Upvote the best content to help it rise to the top
? Subscribe and participate in subreddit communities centered around your interests
? Submit your own comments, links, and stories for others to view and discuss
? Upload images directly to Imgur when posting or commenting
? Use night mode for easy reading in the dark
? Be notified of new messages from your reddit inbox
? View websites using the integrated "Readability" reader from Arc90

Upgrade to Alien Blue PRO to unlock even more features:
? Switch between multiple reddit accounts easily
? Browse in Gallery mode (formerly Canvas)
? Discover subreddits by topic or interest
? Expand all images in the comments with one tap
? Quote comments in one tap
? Exclude posts based on keywords
? ?Hide All / Hide Read? comments with one tap

Existing Alien Blue users: this is still the same Alien Blue with the same developer you know and (hopefully) love, just 100% more official! You?ll want to transfer your settings from the old client using the option in Settings/Advanced Settings/Privacy Settings/Export Settings, then Import them into this app.


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