Apps that provide information to help a user get to a physical location. Examples: Driving assistance, walking assistance, topographical maps, maritime, pilot logs/assistance, oceanic tides, road atlas, fuel finders, public transit maps, altitude calculation

Date: 18.04.2018

1. Google Maps - GPS Navigation

Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.Get there faster with real-time updates? Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions... More...
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2. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Always know what?s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.Why Waze? More...
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3. Transit ? Bus & Subway Times

"Gives you the best route to where you want to go" - New York Times?You won't realize how much time you can save planning until you use this app? - LA Times?Killer app? - WSJ "MBTA has a favorite transit app ? and it's called Transi... More...
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4. onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting App

onX Hunt has been featured in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and American Hunter as the best hunting app for any Hunter. Used by millions of US hunters.Know where you stand with the most trusted and accurate map data: Use onX Hunt as a fu... More...
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5. Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards

The Speedway app puts convenience in the palm of your hand. The Gas Price/Store Locator gives you a hand in finding the closest convenient Speedway with up-to-date gas prices. Speedy Rewards members can also keep track of poin... More...
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6. Moovit: Public Transit App

Selected by App Store as one of the best apps of 2017, Moovit is the #1 local transit app in the world trusted by 120 million riders across more than 2000 cities. With the most precise information of any public transit app, Moovit adds a new city eve... More...
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7. MapQuest: Navigation & Maps

Get where you need to go with the MapQuest GPS and Navigation app. Whether it?s using turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking or driving directions or looking to discover something new around you, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate your wo... More...
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8. Speedometer Speed Box App

Speed Box Free is a free speedometer, odometer and compass for the iPhone. Track your speed and distance from your iPhone!* MPH, KM/H and KNOTS display* 3 Beautiful Speedometers* Digital Speedometer* Distance* Set ... More...
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9. SpotHero - Find Parking Nearby

Park smarter with the SpotHero iPhone app. SpotHero helps you get everywhere, easier by making it fast and convenient to find and reserve parking in major cities. Plus, when you book your parking spot in advance, you can save up to 50%.Sp... More...
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10. Geocaching®

Join the world?s largest treasure-hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox. There are millions of clever c... More...
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11. iMap - Find My Phone & Friends

iMap will help you track your devices, friends, and relatives who are connected to the service as well as assisting you in finding out a person's location using just a phone number.Geolocation service iMap - locates all of your friends an... More...
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12. New York Subway MTA Map

New York Subway uses the official MTA subway map and includes a helpful transit route planner. With over 8 million downloads worldwide this NYC subway map is free to download and will help you navigate around New York using the subway system. More...
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13. Phone Tracker for iPhones (Track people with GPS)

The Phone Tracker is a tool that allows you to track the location of another smartphone user. Now you can follow the movements of a friend, your spouse, your child, or a co-worker with your iPhone.Track two phones for FREE!Th... More...
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14. Exxon Mobil Speedpass+

Introducing the Speedpass+? app from ExxonMobil; it?s the easiest way to earn rewards and pay for Synergy? gasoline ? three grades of fuel engineered to help you get better gas mileage* ? and car washes. The app supports the Plenti rewards program, s... More...
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15. Speedometer»

This a simple speedometer that tells you your current speed in mph, km/h, or knots.-Retina Display-Huge Indicators*The less transparent the indicator the better the accuracy. More...
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16. Trucker Path

Search branded and independent truck stops, check real-time parking availability, weigh stations & scales status, find cheapest diesel fuel, Walmart locations, rest areas, and more. Reach destinations quicker and spend more time with family. AL... More...
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17. Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD

A high quality Speedometer app with the same sophisticated brain inside as our paid version. When you go over a preset speed limit, the large digits change colour from green to red and the device emits a loud sound to alert you! Great for avoiding sp... More...
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18. Radarbot: SpeedCam Detector

Radarbot is your ally on the road. It?s the only application that combines real-time Alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safely and forget about fines forever.With Radarbot, you?ll ... More...
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19. ParkWhiz - Find Parking Nearby

Take the hassle out of parking with the ParkWhiz app. Find parking in any major city, compare prices, plus save up to 50% when you book in advance.Free yourself from parking hassles by choosing the way you?d like to book with plenty of ch... More...
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20. Scout GPS Link

Scout GPS Link is a free mobile navigation app with MapStream? mode, a full navigation experience with interactive, moving maps powered by real-time cloud information and designed exclusively for your car?s multimedia screen. Whether you?re commuting... More...
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21. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the world?s most advanced navigation app. Lots of smart navigation features, beautiful 3D offline maps and easy to use interface provide exceptional navigation experience. Get Sygic GPS Navigation and join over 200 mill... More...
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22. Citymapper Transit Navigation

Real-time departures. Transit maps. Line status and real-time disruption alerts. Uber integration. Bike routing and live bike share info. Constant updates. Everything you need -- and may not even realize you need -- to manage your life in the city. More...
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23. Copdrop

Copdrop brings America?s radar detectors & navigation to your phone!Drive aware of live speed traps crowdsourced by America's radar detector community. Check your route for real-time radar, then navigate turn-by-turn with voic... More...
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24. GPS Phone Tracker Find Friends

SpeakApp is the application that will give you and your family a peace of mind.You can find phones and devices with GPS and see its location on the screen of your iPhone.You can see the historic position of your contacts. More...
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25. Waze Carpool

Tap into your local Waze Community to find friends, neighbors, and coworkers going your way. See someone you?d like to carpool with? Just ask for a ride! Why carpool with Waze?? Spend time with people you enjoy ? You choose th... More...
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